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Our advantages
The first plant in Udmurtia for the production of rapeseed oil and cake.
Eco-friendly waste-free production technologies that allow not only to obtain oil, but also to process the presscake.
No chemistry
The processing of raw materials is carried out exclusively by mechanical means, without the use of chemicals.
The installation of the extruder between the first and second stages of extraction allows you to squeeze the maximum amount of oil from the prepared material. Due to the temperature and pressure, the cake becomes sterile, more tasty and easily digestible for animals.
High tech
All technical processes are controlled by the intelligent FIT system, which allows minimizing the human factor and production costs. The system collects, processes, and archives data and transmits it over the Internet.

Sarapul Plant of Vegetable Oils – first Russian full cycle production of natural non-GMO products from rapeseed: oil and cake, high-quality food protein products.

The place of the project implementation is the Udmurt Republic, the Sarapul city. It is favorably located in relation to potential suppliers, customers and buyers, is geographically remote from competitors, and is located at the intersection of the most important transport corridors: rail, road and waterways.

The status of the PSEDA resident provides tax benefits and preferences and allows to create part of the infrastructure at the expense of budget funds.

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