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We use modern equipment Farmet A.S.


The Sarapul Plant of Vegetable Oils uses the most modern equipment for the complex processing of oilseeds from the Czech company “FARMET A.S.”🇨🇿

📈 Innovative European technology allows you to increase the food and feed potential of rapeseed:
• Line of two-stage pressing with extrusion, combining mechanical and thermal processing;
• Automatic oil filtration.

📌 Advantages of technology:

• Improving the quality and increasing the yield of oil;
• Wasteless technology without the use of chemical solvents, respectful of the environment;
• Intelligent FIT system, a system that allows you to minimize the human factor and production costs, as well as collects, processes, archives data and transmits them over the Internet;
• Expanding the functionality of using rapeseed cake in feeding various agricultural animals.

🎖 As a result, we get the highest quality rapeseed oil and nutritious cake!